How to get a job in the Syracuse recruiting game

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about how the Syracuse football recruiting job description was one of the most confusing in college football. 

The job description, written in the same font as the football team’s uniforms, reads: “Head Coach of Syracuse Football” and then “Coaches position” followed by “Position” in the “Head Coach” section. 

And while that’s certainly an effective job description for an NFL head coach, it’s even more confusing for college football recruits. 

How to find an NFL coaching job in college? 

That’s what I’ve been asking myself in the past several weeks as I have scoured job listings and job boards to find the top candidates. 

I also have been looking for a few more top-tier recruits in the state of New York, but I haven’t found anything quite as good. 

But I’ve discovered something interesting. 

There are three job listings on the Syracuse recruitment job board that I find interesting, and that’s because they are filled with the exact same information as the job description on the football coaching job board. 

When you search the Syracuse job board, it says that they are seeking for “Head Coaches Position” and that they “offer opportunities for a full-time, part-time or freelance position in coaching for Syracuse.” 

This is the same job description that was used for the football job listing, but with some important differences. 

First, the football listing says that it is looking for “Full-time” positions, whereas the Syracuse listing says they are looking for “Part-time”, “Part-Time” and “Full-Time.” 

Second, the Syracuse listings are listing candidates that are looking to “hire” and not “apply for” the positions. 

So, if you search for “full-time,” you’ll see a “yes” vote, while if you’re looking for an “offer to hire” position, you’ll get a “no” vote. 

Third, the listing also lists a salary of $125,000 a year, whereas I have not found a salary for a “full time” position listed for $125k a year on the recruiting job board (though I have heard that this salary is higher than that). 

So what is going on here? 

There’s a number of possible reasons for the differences between the two job descriptions, and one thing that’s interesting about them is that there are some similarities between the positions on the two boards. 

For example, the coaching job listing states that they will be looking for candidates who “work in coaching.” 

And the football recruiting board says that candidates who have coached will “work as a player, a player assistant or a full time assistant coach.” 

So the job descriptions and job board descriptions for the same positions are the same, but one is for coaching positions and one is to work as a coach. 

This isn’t to say that they’re the same people, but it is to say that they are similar. 

In fact, if the hiring and hiring requirements are the only differences between those two listings, then the similarities are so obvious that it would be pretty hard to miss them. 

However, I’ve also noticed that there is one key difference between the listings, and this difference is pretty clear. 

On the coaching position listing, the job listing says, “Candidates must have coached at least 1 year, but no more than 3 years.” 

On the recruiting job listing , the job posting says, “Candidates may work as part-timers, full-timer, or full-strength. 

(The Full-Strength job description requires a 3-year duration).” 

On both lists, the Full Strength job description says, that candidates must have a “minimum 2 year track record of success as a fulltime assistant, or a minimum 2 year track history of success in the coaching field.” 

It also states that candidates need to have a GPA of 3.2, have a minimum GPA of 2.6, and a minimum ACT score of 15. 

Of course, the only difference between those listings is that the job board says they “…have a 3.0 GPA” and the recruiting listing says “Candidate must have completed 3 years of coaching.”

So, the difference between hiring and recruiting isn’t really that significant, but there is a clear difference between them.

The fact that they mention a 3 year track record of success doesn’t mean that they need to be able to produce the same kind of results that they did in coaching. 

What about the recruiting board? 

The recruiting job posting states, “…

Candidates MUST have coached for at least 3 years, but not more than 4 years.” 

  The football recruiting job board states, “If candidates are looking at the job, they


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