How Husky football recruits are ranked in 247Sports

When recruiting is at its best, the recruiting rankings are often the most important indicator of a school’s success.

But in recent years, there have been concerns about how the recruiting process is being managed.

One issue that is particularly difficult to overcome is the influence of college coaches, according to former recruiting director Scott Coughlin, who left the school in June 2016.

While there is a lot of talent in the program, the coaching staffs are so heavily influenced by a small group of high-profile boosters, he said.

“It’s the only way you can get those recruits,” Coughlins said.

“You can’t recruit the kids by yourself.”

Coughlins, now the CEO of recruiting firm, said recruiting has to be seen in the context of the school and its football team.

“A program like Alabama has a big emphasis on the recruiting side,” he said, “and that is a different type of recruiting than you might see at some schools.”

If you’re recruiting in a vacuum, it’s going to be a little bit of a grey area.”‘

Not as good as I expected’At Alabama, a school with a huge influence on the top football recruits, the number of recruits has remained constant, despite the addition of several elite players such as J.T. Barrett and JUCO quarterback Denard Robinson in the past year.

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult for schools to get good players on the field, especially in the trenches.”

In our offense, we had the No. 1 quarterback in the country in Jake Coker, but we had one of the worst defensive lines in the SEC,” said Alabama coach Nick Saban, who was named the conference’s coach of the year for a second consecutive season in 2017.”

We’ve had guys that are really good in the offensive and defensive lines.

The recruiting side is not as good.

“Saban added that while Alabama is no longer a recruiting powerhouse, he has been pleased with the work he has done.”

I think the recruiting part is still there, but not as much,” he added.”

The coaching side is going to get a lot better in the future, but at the same time, we’ve had the most success on the offensive side of things.


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