What you need to know about recruiting solutions for college students

As part of a broader effort to tackle campus recruitment, The Post has teamed up with recruiting company CareerBuilder to offer a suite of recruiting solutions to help students, faculty, staff and alumni stay on track in their careers.

CareerBuilder’s CareerBuilder College Solutions Suite includes a variety of online recruitment tools and tools for alumni, including: CareerBuilder Recruiter, which helps recruiters find new jobs through CareerBuilder and other recruitment services; CareerBuilder Jobs, a career site that offers personalized job listings for students, alumni and alumni network members; and CareerBuilder LinkedIn, which connects prospective employers to job seekers through a network of more than 150,000 alumni and friends.

Careerbuilder also offers a number of online recruiters, including CareerBuilder Internships, which offer internship opportunities at various CareerBuilder companies.

“We’ve been working with CareerBuilder on this and have found that these tools really help the student to understand the career path and to find the right match,” said Liz Krieger, senior vice president of marketing and content for CareerBuilder.

“With CareerBuilder, you can have access to CareerBuilder alumni, alumni network and friends, so that the recruiters can really get to know them.”

The suite also includes an online LinkedIn profile for the recruiter, a resume with a photo of the recruitor and a career story.

The online profiles are free to sign up and are updated daily.

Additionally, CareerBuilder CareerBuilder Job Finder allows students to view job postings on CareerBuilder jobs.

Career Builder offers job-seeking, career-related services to prospective employers.

The suite of CareerBuilder solutions can be accessed on Career Builder’s website, Career Builder Jobs, Careerbuilder Internships and Career Builder LinkedIn.

“The way the tools work is to connect with alumni and the alumni network, and then you can actually talk to recruiters directly through LinkedIn,” said Kevin Wahl, senior director of talent management and career services at CareerBuilder Colleges.

“We know that many of our recruiters use LinkedIn to reach out to prospective alumni, so the way they do that is through LinkedIn, and we’re helping recruiters connect with them directly.”

For more information on the suite of tools, visit www.careerbuilder.com/recruiter.

Career and education technology firms also offer career and education support services for students and alumni.

For example, CareerLab, a digital career services firm, has launched CareerLab Education, which provides support services, training and education to students and their families.

“When you’re in school, you’re getting this information from a lot of different sources.

It’s a little bit overwhelming, so we wanted to make sure that we’re offering the most up-to-date information,” said Scott Wahlman, co-founder of CareerLab and co-director of the firm’s Career Lab program.

“When you go to CareerLab in person, you’ll get a personalized message and an email, and that’s it.

So that way you don’t have to go to multiple sites and find out about things that you may not have known.

So we want to help you stay on top of what’s going on in your field.”

CareerLab also offers an online profile for recruiters to connect to alumni and recruiters.

For more on the CareerLab platform, visit careerlab.com.

“Students need to be connected with a lot more than just their school,” Wahl said.

“They need to also be connected to their peers and mentors and employers.

So if you’re looking to get into a career in business, for example, you should be able to connect that with people in the area and connect with those people to find jobs.”

The career site also provides career-oriented resources, such as career guides, resume templates and job descriptions.

The CareerBuilder career site has been available to all students, including students with disabilities, students with limited English proficiency and those who do not have access via a school-sponsored app.

The CareerBuilder campus recruiting suite also offers several other online recruiter tools, including LinkedIn CareerLink, which allows users to see job postings, apply for job openings and see how others are doing.

CareerLink has also been expanded to include a CareerBuilder account.

For more information, visit careers.careers.com or call 800-273-8255.


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