What you need to know about the new recruiting movie, ‘Degrade’

There’s a movie out there that could get you a new job or at least an interview.

But for those that are stuck at a recruiting office, the new film, Degrade, may just be the film that will save you.

Degregate, a production company from Australia, has been producing the film, which will premiere in the US and Canada on September 14.

The new film is based on the book and film, but it’s a bit different to the first film in the series.

Instead of the recruits being driven to join a company or a school, it focuses on what makes people tick.

For example, the film tells the story of an unemployed Australian recruit who goes to the UK and tries to find work after he graduates.

The film also gives insight into how to find the best fit for you.

It also offers a glimpse into what happens after recruiters decide to let you go and instead decide to work with a recruiter who has been working in their area.

The film, produced by the Australian recruitment consultancy, PIR, has already received some awards from critics.

In a new interview with The Sunday Telegraph, PIPR founder Paul Wyspett said he was blown away by the response to the film.

“It’s been a massive success and has really given me a lot of confidence in the recruitment industry and the recruitment process itself,” he said.

“The idea of a recruitter giving the recruit the ultimate decision-making role, that’s so unique and so exciting and that’s something I think a lot more people are really looking at and thinking about.”

Wyspetts said the new films have been a huge hit with the audience.

“We’ve seen a tremendous response from the audience and we have been blown away,” he told The Sunday Sun.

“The film is a real eye-opener, and they are quite shocked to see a recruitor making decisions for them.”

So it really is an eye-opening film and the fact it’s in the UK has really pushed us over the top, and really it’s something we can’t wait to get to work on.

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