How a military recruitment center for US troops is helping troops recruit

The Pentagon’s recruiting center for troops stationed overseas has been overwhelmed by demand from veterans and service members looking for work.

The center, run by the US Army Recruiting Command, is set up to help recruit veterans and their families for jobs in the private sector, military officials told ABC News.

But some military recruiters are frustrated by the service members’ unwillingness to accept jobs.

“There’s a sense that, even though the military is recruiting, there’s not a lot of jobs available, particularly in this part of the country,” said David Miller, the chief recruiter at the Army Recruit Training Center, or TRCC.

TRCC is a non-profit organization with a budget of $4.6 million that helps military recruitants, recruiters, and their spouses and family members secure jobs in a variety of industries.

The TRCC has about 2,300 members and offers more than 200 positions, according to its website.

But Miller said that’s not always the case.

“I’ve seen a lot more veterans and military personnel than what we thought would be the case,” he said.

The problem, Miller said, is the lack of resources for the military to recruit and find the right talent.

“We’re getting inundated,” he added.

Miller said TRCC staffs about 300 recruits a week.

But a small fraction of those recruits have any chance of making it through the military vetting process.

“It’s a slow process, and it takes a long time,” Miller said.

“Some of them don’t even make it past the initial interview.”

Miller said the TRCC does try to get as many veterans as possible in the job openings it’s trying to fill.

“They’re hiring veterans to fill these jobs, so they’re getting their names out there, and they’re finding that people are looking for jobs,” he told ABC.

Miller is hopeful that his efforts will help the military recruit more veterans in the future.

But he’s frustrated that the recruitment process for veterans is so slow.

“The veterans we’re getting right now, they’re a few years out, and I know they’ve seen that it’s not that simple,” Miller told ABCNews.

“But they’re looking for the jobs and they don’t know where to go.

We’re seeing that right now.

So I think the next couple of years, we’re going to see a real uptick in the number of veterans that we’re recruiting.”

The TRNC is trying to increase its recruitment efforts by having more veteran recruiters.

In addition to hiring veterans, TRCC hires people from other industries.

For example, a job in marketing, which requires extensive work experience, can pay $30,000 a year, Miller explained.

“You’re going into a field that’s been underutilized,” he explained.

The recruiting center has also increased its staff of civilian recruitment officers, or CROs.

But the military’s hiring freeze is still in effect.

“That’s been a really big concern,” Miller added.

“This is a service that has a long history of people serving in the armed forces, but I think there’s a lot we don’t really know.” “

When you’re talking about the military, there is a lot that goes on in the military,” he continued.

“This is a service that has a long history of people serving in the armed forces, but I think there’s a lot we don’t really know.”

The recruitment center also has started to use more civilian contractors to help with the recruitment.

The military is looking for more civilian employees to help fill jobs in areas like healthcare, agriculture, construction, and retail.

But veterans are struggling to find work in these areas.

The Military Times reports that the average annual salary for a civilian contractor hired to work at the TRNC was $48,000, according the Department of Labor.

That means that for every veteran hired at the military recruiting center, there are approximately two civilians who work for the company, and that means that some of the jobs for military personnel aren’t available.

“A lot of veterans who have the ability to work in retail are not going to be able to get through the civilian hiring process,” Miller explained, adding that the TRSC is looking into increasing its staffing in the retail area.

“So I think we’re working really hard to get our civilian employees working in retail, to make sure we’re hiring and having the right people working in that field,” he concluded.

“If you want to help us out, you know, I’m not going anywhere, because we have to keep the jobs open.”

Miller added that TRCC would continue to work to increase the size of the recruiting center and hiring of more civilian recruiters to increase that number.

“And we’re not going away.

We just have to be very, very careful,” he insisted.

“As long as we’re having success, I think our job is to keep growing and expanding.”

ABC News’ Emily Osterman contributed to this report.


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