Navy SEALs get new job in Virginia Beach

Navy SEAL recruiters in Virginia have been fired after an internal investigation found they “used deceptive tactics” to get the Navy to recruit a recruit from a rival school in the state.

The move comes after the US Army and Air Force also found recruiting from two other military academies in Virginia.

The Navy, the US Marine Corps and the Air Force declined to comment on the findings.

According to the Navy, recruiters at its recruiting office in Newport News “took advantage of the recruiters’ limited training to get us to sign up people we were not qualified for”.

The Naval Recruiting Command said in a statement the recruiter used deceptive tactics, such as placing recruiters on the phone, to convince recruits they were the same recruiters and were able to get them into their school.

The recruiter also tried to sell the recruit a “solve to life” degree in addition to the recruiter’s “career” degree, the statement said.

The recruiters also misrepresented their educational credentials in order to recruit, it said.

“They were not trained to make decisions in recruiting,” it added.

“Their goal was to recruit someone who would do well in the Navy and to get a Navy recruiter to sign on to the school, which they had already signed up for.”‘

It’s very disappointing’The recruitment office in Virginia was “extremely disappointed” by the outcome, Navy Recruiter Chief Petty Officer Matt Gentry said in the statement.

“We have an obligation to our recruiters to ensure that we are making the right decisions,” he said.

“This was not a well thought out, ethical or fair recruitment operation.

It’s very concerning that we have to deal with this issue at this time.”

Gentry said recruiters have been suspended from the recruiting office for the next six months and the recruitment team will be reevaluated for next year.

The Naval Academy in Newport, Virginia, is not part of the Navy.

The Naval Academy is located in the Virginia-Maryland-Virginia Commonwealth, which is not a state in the United States.


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