Which army recruiting offices are most popular?

New Scientist article Recruiting offices have become a huge part of the recruitment process for Australian troops in Afghanistan, with hundreds of thousands of recruits being recruited each year.

Many recruiting offices have a huge number of applicants and recruiters, as the recruitment of young Australians has been at the centre of an intensifying war between Australia and the Taliban.

The recruiting office in Kabul, Afghanistan, is a prime example.

It has a huge recruitment office, with about 2,500 applicants.

“I don’t have time to look at applications,” says one recruiter.

“My main focus is to get the best applicants and the most qualified people,” he says.

The recruiter’s advice is not always followed by the recruiters who work at recruiting offices.

“It is important to recruit people who have been trained, who have done the work, who are experienced,” says the recruiter who asked to remain anonymous.

He is frustrated by the sheer number of people in Afghanistan who have no qualifications, who can’t speak the local language and who are too young to qualify for the job.

“You can get a job that is good, but it’s not worth it,” he tells the New Scientist.

“If you get in trouble, it’s because you don’t understand the language, or the culture.”

The recrucer has a lot of experience.

“There is no way I would take a job from someone that I have not had the experience of.

I would be doing it for a very good salary,” he said.

“The recruiters are a bit overworked.”

The recruiters have to deal with a lot more people.

“They are just overwhelmed by the people who come to them,” he adds.

“Every day I get hundreds of people from the community who want to join the Army, and they have to find their way through this recruitment office.”

One recruiter in Kandahar, Afghanistan told the New Science that he was “lucky” to have a recruiter at his recruitment office.

“He is the most experienced person in the office,” he told the paper.

The recruitment office in Helmand, Afghanistan was the second-most popular recruiting office according to the New York Times, with more than 9,000 applicants and more than 12,000 recruiters.

“That office is very important for the recruitors, because if you recruit too many people, you have to go back to the office, which is not possible in Afghanistan,” the recrucer said.

The recruiter said that it is hard to get people into the recruiting office because there is so much bureaucracy and he was getting paid a lot less.

“But the recruiters are getting paid more than anyone else, because they are the best in the country,” he added.

The US Army said it was working with the Australian military to improve recruiting in Afghanistan.

The service added that the recruitative offices were not only needed for the Afghans to fill vacancies but also to ensure that Australian troops were in a safe environment.

“As a matter of policy, we do not recruit or admit people into combat roles who are inadmissible to the United States,” it said.

It added that its recruiters and recruiting offices would be providing training to Afghan forces.


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